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Purific Membership

Our monthly membership plan provides plenty of peace of mind. Leave behind tedious cleaning and housework and focus more on what matters most to you. By becoming a member you'll save money on all your cleanings instantly! As soon as you subscribe, we'll get you started on a cleaning schedule that'll work like clockwork:

  1. Start off with a deep cleaning (30% off)

  2. Biweekly lite cleaning after your first deep cleaning appointment (each lite cleaning 20% off)

  3. Receive a deep cleaning (always 30% off!) every three months

  4. You'll have the option to schedule a Purific Housework visit anytime at 40% off!

We'll doubt you'll want to cancel but don't worry: it's a no commitment, cancel any time membership!

Subscribe Today!

You'll first get a quote for your space and from there you can schedule your first cleaning as a member! 

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