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Cleaning the Desk

Cleaning & Chores Services

The days of having to do your chores or your own cleaning are over! Have fun, go to work, or simply relax as we take care of it all. We have different types of cleaning for all kinds of needs be it deep cleaning, move out cleaning, or special requests. And of course our Purific Housework services take care of the rest!

Our Lite Cleaning service comes with all the basics: dusting, bathroom cleaning, and you name it. We'll even give your bed a make over if you'd like. Just provide the fresh linen! 

Done the renovation, comes the frustration! If the post-renovation mess has you pulling your hair, we can help get your space sparkle again.

If you haven't had your place cleaned for awhile, deep cleaning is what you want. First time clients love our deep cleaning service. We not only cover all the basics, but go above and beyond! 

Our Move In/Out Cleaning has landlords and homeowners in mind. We get that space looking like new and ready for future indoor adventures!

Toss your chores to-do lists! From dishwashing to doing the laundry to feeding Sparky, we'll help out keeping your life in order. All of our services are customizable, just check out what we offer below!

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Purific Housework

  • Wash dishes

  • Load dishwasher

  • Refill pet food/water

  • Take out trash/recycling

  • Change out towels

  • Sanitize high-touch surfaces

  • Make beds and change linens

  • Do laundry (wash, dry, fold)

  • Toss out expired food items

  • Change HVAC filters

  • Bring in mail

  • Water plants

Each Purific Housework session lasts no more than 2 hours

Need More?
Check Out Our Full Services Below

The Purific Process

1. Let us know the specifics of your project. Is your space a studio apartment? Maybe you have 3 bedrooms but only want 2 cleaned. We work with you to tailor the cleaning to fit your needs.

2. Reserve the date and time you'd like to make your space Purific! No hidden fees or surprises. We won't bill you for extra services you didn't agree to.

3. Get ready to see your space shine! We'll give you updates the day of your scheduled cleaning and let you know when the job is done.


Additional Services Offered:

  • Carpet deep cleaning

  • Upholstery spot cleaning

  • Interior cabinets and drawer cleaning

  • Tile and grout deep cleaning

  • Client special requests

  • Oil and grease build-up

  • Window frame cleaning

  • Outdoor porch cleaning (weather permitting)

  • Stovetop grease removal

  • Interior fridge cleaning

  • Tape/adhesive removal

  • Baseboard washing

  • Blind dusting

  • Steam clean floors

  • Laundry (wash and dry)

  • Deep Cleaning Plus (required for special cases)

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